My Pet Peeve – ‘Beauty Bargains’


Everyone loves a bargain, I do. I’ll gladly fight the crowds in Primark for costume jewellery, I’ve snapped up MUA lipsticks in Superdrug, BUT my pet peeve is seeing people advertising cut-price beauty treatments!

Am I afraid of the competition? If the people offering cut-price services were offering amazing treatments at a fabulous price I would be! But fortunately very unfortunately the people offering these services are often unqualified, uninsured liabilities.

I’ve had brides ring me saying the girl they paid £10 to do their make-up on their big day hasn’t bothered turning up. I’ve seen lash extensions that were more glue than lash. I’ve had clients come to me with thin pitted nails after a lovely set of nail extensions they had. These arn’t bargains! The people doing these treatments shouldn’t be charging at all. Some should be made to stay at least 2metres away from all other humans.

Professionals know the costs of treatments, and know what prices people need to be charging to make a living. So when we see the latest ‘bargain beauty’ offer pop up on facebook we have our heads in our hands screaming ‘nooooo’ at the laptop knowing this clearly isn’t someone with professionalism and a passion for beauty, but another person wanting to make a quick buck. And they probably will make a quick buck, before selling their kit on eBay a month later.

So beauty treatments should be expensive? Not at all, a high end spa may charge a lot for a treatment where a mobile therapist may be much cheaper but still offer an excellent service. If you’re unsure ask to see certificates and photos of their previous work (not photos they’ve found off google, their actual work!)

I’m on a budget! A few safe ways to get pampered on a tight budget: Model for students at your local college, students are supervised by tutors and have to be aware of all important health and safety before they are unleashed on the public. Get a group of friends together and ask a local salon they will do a pamper evening on mini treatments. Look out for specials offers, I often put special offers on my facebook page.


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Express, Party, Semi-Permanent – The Low Down on Lash Extensions


Lash extensions are big news at the moment! Who doesn’t want longer, thicker lashes?

But theres so many types? What’s the difference? Are they safe? And how do I know I’m getting the right thing?

Firstly theres three main types of eyelash extensions


These lashes last up to 12weeks with infills. A single lash extension is attached to your natural lash. As you are wearing these lashes for a long period of time you need to find a experienced lash technician to avoid damaging your natural lashes. Each natural lash has to be methodically isolated before the eyelash extension can be applied, the whole process usually takes a couple of hours. If a technician seems too cheap or says she can do them in 30mins etc be very wary as they are probably using an improper application method and could damage your lashes.

Best for long-term wear

Express Lashes

These are the same individual lash extensions as semi-permanent but are applied in a different way without isolating individual lashes. These are much quicker to apply but you must return to have them removed after 2weeks.

Best for holidays

Party/Weekend Lashes

These are cluster lashes (the ones used in the photo above) these are quick to apply. The glue used for these lashes is much gentler so the lashes can last up to two weeks or a couple of days depending on how you treat them. To maintain them don’t pull or rub them or use oily make-up remover. Like express lashes these should only be worn for 2 weeks

Best for special occasions

Whichever lash extensions you choose you should always have a patch test to test your not allergic to the glue before having a set applied.

Weekend Lashes £12 at The Make-up & Beauty Studio

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NOTD: Deep Red


The weather is getting very cold now, but winter is the perfect time to break out deeper colours you don’t normally wear. LBDs, Berry Coloured Lipsticks and Red Nails are all perfect winter accessories.

This week I’ve been wearing Gelicure Grenadine. I’d usually avoid deep red as I have the ability to chip nail polish within in minutes of applying and end up with a hot mess, but this is a longwear gel polish and I’ve been wearing it for a week with no chips – I’m a happy bunny!

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